DINEMN - Donostia International Workshop on Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology

Donostia International Workshop on Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology
September 1-4, 2015, San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain

By plane

SAN SEBASTIÁN Airport is the closest to the city. Nevertheless, the routes covered from this airport are only a few domestic flights and the use of Bilbao airport (LOIU) (located about 100 km far from San Sebastian) is much more usual. More information:

SAN SEBASTIÁN Airport + info

BILBAO airport (LOIU) + info

* For buses from Bilbao airport (LOIU): + info. 100 km distance - Direct Bus Service every hour, duration: 1 hour.

  • National destinations: Alicante, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Madrid, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla, Tenerife, Valencia, Vigo.
  • International destinations: Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dublin, Estambul, Frankfurt, Geneva, Manchester, Milan, Münich, Stüttgart, Paris, Praga, Roma, Lisboa, Londres, Brussels, Santorini, Tunez.

BIARRITZ airport + info

40 km distance – Direct bus service (pesa.net).

  • Destinations: Strasbourg, Dublin, Geneve, London, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Manchester, Lyon, Rotterdam, Bruxelles, Stockholm.

By road

Train and buses run daily from the main cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Santander, and Burgos. Furthermore, there is a TGV service from Paris to Hendaye, from where is easy to take a regional train directly to the city of San Sebastian.