DINEMN - Donostia International Workshop on Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology

Donostia International Workshop on Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology
September 1-4, 2015, San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain

Move on around Donosti

The preferred mode of transportation for many people in the city is by foot. However, the city does offer some options for those who do not want to walk.


Taxis are generally efficient and can be a good way to get around the city. Official taxis have set prices for beginning rates and distances travelled. A taxi transfer from most of neighbourhoods to the city centre costs between 12€ and 20€. If you want to visit other gastronomic close towns the price may ascend to 35€ - 60€.

Night transfers have an extra supplement.

To take a taxi, you can wait for it in the taxi stands distributed along the city, or you can call for it and give to the call centre an address. They will provide you a taxi number reference and an estimated wait time.

Taxi official companies:
Radio Taxi Donosti, telephone number (+34) 943 46 46 46
Vallina, telephone number (+34) 943 40 40 40


The routes are mainly concentrated in the downtown area, and the buses are considered to be fast, clean, and efficient.

  • The price for each bus journey per person is €1.60
  • Some routes run during the night on weekends, in summer or special festivities. Timetables and maps are posted at all bus stops.

City bus website: www.dbus.eus

San Sebastian Card

It will allow you to access to public transport and enjoy good discounts in museums, restaurants and shops which will make your stay a real pleasure.You can acquire it or get more information about it in the San Sebastian Tourism Office. The card costs 1€, refundable upon return in perfect confition.


  • San Sebastián Card 5. Valid for: 5 days: 12 bus journeys + Free guided tour. 15€ + 1€
  • San Sebastián Card 3. Valid for 3 days: 6 bus journeys. 8€ + 1€

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